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Need To Recover Lost Funds? We Can Help

FCS Recoveries has recovered millions of dollars for customers from all around the world and is an expert in forensic cryptocurrency investigations and sophisticated card-not-present transaction disputes. Our advanced technology and expertise can help law enforcement agencies, cryptocurrency exchanges and banks by accelerating their own investigations and reducing overall processing time.

Our Solutions

Bitcoin Scams

Bitcoin scams can be found all around us. It’s important to be careful on the blockchain, but if you’ve already experienced loss to bitcoin fraud, we can help you on the road to fund recovery. Getting your money back from crypto scams is not something you can do by yourself.

Crypto Scam Detection

Is your crypto broker legitimate? Is that e-commerce site with prices in crypto offering authentic goods and services? The blockchain can seem chaotic, and you may ask yourself frequently, “Is crypto a scam?” Fortunately, not all digital currency transactions are fraudulent.

Cryptocurrency Recovery

Have you been scammed out of your deposit by a broker? Did a cryptocurrency seller fail to deliver your product? Use cryptocurrency recovery techniques to fight back and get your money back. Crypto forensics and technical crypto research are only two of many of our advanced crypto recovery techniques.

Crypto Investigation Report

We will collect the findings of our comprehensive crypto investigation into a report that will help you with bitcoin recovery. Authorities will be interested in your case and receive the leads they need from our investigation reports, which are essential in getting your money back.

Welcome to FCS Recoveries - Legal Recovery Solutions

The World's leading Hub for Forensic Cryptocurrency Investigations and Resolution of Complex, Card-not-Present Transaction Disputes

In addition to pursuing chargebacks and other types of restitution, FCS Recoveries has developed ground-breaking ways for tracking cryptocurrency throughout the blockchain. Our goal is to level the playing field in the payments sector by enhancing how consumers and issuing banks evaluate and validate disputes. We do this by conducting forensic blockchain investigations utilizing cutting-edge technologies. When dealing with complex, authorized transactions gone wrong, everyday people need support and genuine protection. FCS Recoveries was developed for this purpose. Not only do individuals with transaction issues seek our help, but also non-profit agencies, international financial institutions and banks.


The Benefits of Collaborating with FCS Recoveries

- Exercising Cardholder Rights - Finding Affordable Solutions - Quick Processing - Efficient Chargeback Strategies


Inciting the Trends in Consumer Advocacy

Authorized transaction disputes are complicated. Numerous organizations that control your right to sue alter their regulations each year. The knowledge and experience of our staff helps FCS Recoveries clients strive for the best possible outcome.


Disclaimer: FCS Recoveries provides free consultations. Chargeback and other fund recovery programs contracted thereafter are subject to retainers, fees and/or commissions depending on the individual case history and the type of service selected. FCS Recoveries does not offer any financial investments or advice.

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